1. * The Roundup must be held during the months of February, March, or April.
  2. * A minimum of three AA members must represent the bidding group.
  3. * The Bidding Committee must present two separate facility proposals that include enough space to conduct meetings and conference entertainment in addition to housing attendees for the entirety of the Roundup. These commitments must include dates demonstrating meeting space and room block holds, lodging prices, Food & Beverage Minimums, attrition and sliding scales, and transportation pricing if the main meetings and hotels are to be held in separate locations.
  4. Arrangements for uniformed professional security coverage at the Roundup site will be provided by the bid committee's arrangement for a licensed security agency. The description and estimated cost for the security coverage must be included in the bid.
  5. ** The bid committee must obtain quotes from at least two (2) Audio Visual companies per facility location unless the location only permits a single vendor. The description and estimated cost for Audio Visual must be included.
  6. Two statements of support, one from the local AA Intergroup or regional equivalent and one from the Area Assembly and/or District, are to be included in the bid package.
  7. The bid committee will be required to demonstrate its financial capabilities within the Traditions of AA as a whole, being directly involved in any activity from which revenues are generated.
  8. The bid committee will provide a list of all large scale AA events in their area within a sixty day period before and a thirty day period after the proposed Roundup date.
  9. The new Host City must agree that all proceeds, after expenses and donations to local service structures, are to be turned over to the ACYPAA Advisory Council for distribution. The Host City is permitted to donate up to 20% of the proceeds to their local service structure.
  10. * Bidding committees are to provide complete copies of their bids to the Advisory Council Chairperson by 3:00 PM the Friday of the Roundup, but no bids will be rejected. There should be one copy available for each member of the ACYPAA Advisory Council and one additional copy provided for ACYPAA archives.
  11. The bid committee must provide a concise statement illustrating the need, as they understand it, for the Roundup in their area.
  12. * Each committee will be given a maximum limit of 20 minutes for the presentation of the Bid Requirements.
* Updated April 21st, 2016
** Updated March 30th, 2017