ACYPAA XLV (San Ramon, CA)

Thursday: Raised From The Dead - Tony B, Joe N, Bobbi ADownload


Thursday: In Memory of Greg W.Download


Thursday: Opening Speaker Adam F. (Pinole, CA)Download


Thursday: Main Speaker Brandi F. (New Orleans, LA)Download


Friday: Archives Panel - Scott M, Laura W, Kirk WDownload


Friday: So You're Dating an Alcoholic Panel - Eva F, Knox R, Heather HDownload


Friday: Vivir y Dejar Vivir Panel - Roberto Z, Jose Luis G, Ana Paula HDownload


Friday: General Service Panel - Juliet H, Teddy B, Ken MDownload


Friday: Concepts Panel - Gina P, Nancy H, Blake SDownload


Friday: Language of the Heart Panel - Wanda C, Eric M, Matthew SDownload



Friday: Women's Panel - Kari H, Kristen C, LaChe MDownload


Friday: Speaker Discussion Panel - Rebecca MDownload


Friday: What is God Panel - Enrique C, Rochelle R, Marcus DDownload


Friday: Tornado Alley - Family Dynamics Panel - Megan B, Heidi S, Manny GDownload


Friday: Feeling the Feels - Crystal R, Beth Eric RoDownload


Friday: Men's Panel - Khalil C, Miles M, Tom JDownload


Friday: It's Not About You Panel - Marissa B, Nicholas P, Colby FDownload


Friday: Now About Sex Panel - Seanna L, Michelle M, AJDownload


Friday: LGBTQ Panel - PJ N, Doug G, Benny O, Diane FDownload


Friday: Digital Age Panel - Coree H, Murias O, Annie PDownload


Friday: Dual Diagnosis Panel - Lorraine G, Kelli P, Kyle RDownload


Friday: Used to be a G Thang Panel - Robinson R, Adeline A, Ryan CDownload


Friday: Looking the world in the eye Panel - Eric C, Bridget G, Jeffrey NDownload


Friday: Death in Sobriety Panel - Denise M, Allie S, Sal GDownload


Friday: Sponsorship Panel - Paco D, Audie M, Katie HDownload


Friday: Fostering Unity and Principles Panel - Sharon A, Aram KDownload


Friday: Opening Speaker - Joann L. (Petaluma, CA)Download


Friday: Main Speaker - DK S. (San Diego, CA)Download


Friday: AA on Campus Panel - Neil I, Jessie C, Jon ADownload


Friday: Never had a legal drink Panel - Cody T, Courtney A, Dave SDownload


Friday: Fuck you Mr. Brown Panel - John Paul B, Daphne O, Bryan HDownload


Saturday: Don't Take The Elevator Workshop - Annie GDownload


Saturday: Double Winners - Spencer B, Morgan T, Spencer FDownload


Saturday: 10th Step Workshop - Bill C, Kate MDownload


Saturday: 24 Horas Panel - Claudia S, Pedro F, Salvador SDownload


Saturday: Keep it Simple Panel - Nichole P, Jason SDownload


Saturday: Minorities in AA Panel - Maurice A, Rebeca SDownload


Saturday: Peeling the Onion Panel - Maurice A, Rebeca SDownload


Saturday: We Are Not Saints Panel - Marc F, Penny P, Scott FDownload


Saturday: Breaking the YPAA Glass Ceiling Panel - Renee A, Matt H, Lindsay SDownload


Saturday: Doctors Opinion Panel - Dr. Stephanie Long, Dr. Steve Download


Saturday: How to grow the fuck up in YPAA Panel - Amanda N, James O, Amy TDownload


Saturday: Why YPAA Panel - Jon G, Lindsay L, Bill NDownload


Saturday: Outside Issues Panel - Christine B, Allan W, Strawberry HDownload


Saturday: 4th Step Workshop - Marya T.Download


Saturday: 7th Tradition Panel - Tom D, Mana F, Richard PDownload


Saturday: Oldtimers Panel - Craig C, Nancy M, Patty MDownload


Saturday: People of Color Panel - Troy, Sand C, Morgan BDownload


Saturday: Opening Speaker - Rachel B. (Pasadena, CA)Download


Saturday: Main Speaker - Theresa F. (Van Nuys, CA)Download


Saturday: New, Nearly New, and Renewed Panel - Alexa G, Isaac MDownload

Saturday: Cult Like Panel - Matt C, Jennifer B, Matt HDownload

Saturday: Boy Meets Girl Panel - TBone V, Tim H, BJ H, Stacy MDownload


Sunday: Opening Speaker - Susan F. (Redondo Beach, CA)Download


Sunday: Main Speaker - Ralph W. (Los Angeles, CA)Download



Thursday: Grace F. (Orange County, CA)Download

Friday: Joshua H. (Toronto, CAN)Download

Saturday: Adam T. (Los Angeles, CA)Download

Sunday: Kelly W. (SeaTac, WA)Download


47th ACYPAA Round-up
Los Angeles, CA
Apr 4 - 7, 2019